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Our Company has been involved in great humanitarian service through international relief agencies like UNHCR, International Red Cross, International Red Crescent and US Aid by supplying tents for relief operation to the affected people around the world. We are actively providing services to fulfill various demands for human relief authorities around the world during various emergencies and disaster management situations like Tsunami, Earthquakes and armed insurgency in various parts of the world.

We are the company whose services have been recognized by United Nation and various other international relief organizations, in this regard we are United Nation enlisted company and have won trophy and many certificates of appreciations for best performance and quality service. Over decades we have been aspiring for excellence and now we are recognized as a remarkable manufacturer and exporter of best quality products to various parts of the world.

Yasar Tentage and Textile industries Pvt Ltd, is the name of a professional manufacturer and renowned exporter of all kinds and sizes of tents, tarpaulins and canvas fabric and allied products. In case of manufacturing all types of tents, we are utilizing normal traditional wooden or bamboos structure. For fabricating aluminum framework clear span structure of marquees tents, all is done as per the wish and satisfaction of our esteemed clients. The iron steel framework tents are also manufactured and utilized for all purposes and needs as per the requirement of the clients.

We manufacture tents systems which are strictly designed according to international standards and quality. We utilize better material to make better tent structure, for example for the manufacturing of traditional medieval style tents, the wooden or bamboo sticks and standing poles and ridge poles all are made of termite free wood or bamboo. In case of framework made of light metal, the material in use is hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy and in case of iron metal framework the tent structure is made of hot dipped galvanized steel pipes, which are moist resistant and rust proof.

In this regard the tent covering in case of clear span frame work the panels are made of tempered glass. In case of fabric cover it is made of natural grey or dyed water proof, rot proof and fire retardant. The quality of tents cover, which is made of cotton canvas, the weight ranges from 12 ozs to 24 ozs per m2.The synthetic polyester textile double coated with PVC (poly vinyl chloride), which is water proof, rot proof and fire retardant. The weight ranges from 650 G/m2 to 1250 G/m2.In addition to standard qualities synthetic fabric is also fire retardant.

Some other items which fall within the scope of tents manufacturing industries like car parking shade, School play ground shade, Sun shade for public gathering, Tarpaulins cover protecting machinery, tools, food grains and other perishable material. We accomplish all these jobs and projects with the help of trained, experienced and highly professional staff. The materials we are using are cotton canvas fabric, polyester textile PVC coated sides, Mesh net, Poly propylene and Polyethylene sheets which ensure its efficiency durability and cater the demands of hundreds of buyers and consumers.


We are committed to run our business successfully and efficiently, providing long term benefits to our employees and shareholders, and enriching the lives of those whom we serve by fulfilling our corporate responsibility to the best of our ability. We expect excellence from all our processes, whether they relate to policy formation, accounting procedures, product development and customer service.

The objective of our business is to build the better future. All of our efforts must be measured by our success in achieving this goal. We are capable to serve beyond any doubt swiftly to those affected by man-made and natural disaster, providing them with quality products and services.
We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible and dedicated to our customers, employees and their families, to the environments we habitat, and to the society we live in and the communities we serve worldwide.

In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts. Our interactions with all segments of society must reflect the high standards we possess.
We are dedicated for better quality of products and services. We believe in total quality management practices, where quality is managed and controlled in every aspect of products development cycle.

We expect profit, but only for work that satisfies customer needs. We believe that it is fair to get rewarded for our work - work that fully satisfies customer needs. We recognize that the ability to excel depends upon the knowledge, imagination, skill and teamwork of our employees. We are committed to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork, an environment that rewards commitment.

We prefer to provide cost effective and smart solutions that enable increase productivity in a secure and safe working environment. We provide solutions like industrial tents, exhibition tents, event tents party tents, camping tents, Awning and canopies, Garden umbrellas and emergency tents which are available for instant shelter anytime and anywhere. Our emergency and relief tents are easy to transport, simple to assemble and convenient to store as it occupies minimal space in the warehouse.

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Ready Stock Available
In case of Emergency we have stock available of Deluxe Tents & Hospital Tents. For further detail you may contact at our email address: info@yasartentage.com or cell # 0092-306-2238668
Deluxe Tents 4x4
We have ready stock of Deluxe Tens / Gulf Tents 4x4M - 150 Pcs. For further detail you may contact at email info@yasartentage.com or cell # 0092-306-228668
Hospital Tent 6x12M
We have ready stock of Hospital Tents 20x40FT. For further detail you may contact at email info@yasartentage.com or cell # 0092-306-228668


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